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Operatives Around The UK

Restorers are expanding once again with even more operatives around the UK. 

Our team of highly skilled operatives can help with all types of repairs & renovations to Caravans, RV's, Motorhomes, Leisure Homes & Statics. 

It's far cheaper to repair than to replace, typical replacement costs of a small worktop are around £280 with labour, an invisible repair carried out would typically cost £50, that's a saving of £230!

The leisure market is a very forgotten market, but rest assured Restorers are here to help, you will find us at trade shows around the UK and Europe over the next 24 months supplying folks with aftercare products to keep leisure homes and vehicles in perfect shape, as well as showcasing our services to help your company save substantial amounts of money over a 12 month period allowing us to repair rather than replace items. 

Restorers have a team of leisure home operatives around the UK from Scotland to the southern borders, the west coast to the east coast, Restorers have you covered. 

Anything from a small scratch outside to a ding or hole inside, Team Restorers have operatives for everything.



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