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Questions & Answers


Can you repair chipped wood?

Yes we can, we can fix all types of wood, from softwood, hardwood, to pine, kitchen cabinets, bedroom cabinets, living room furniture, dining tables, dining chairs, worktops, office furniture and chairs, modern and antiques can all be fixed.

My leather is cracked, what can you do?

Leather that is cracked can all be revived to look as good as new again, from a simple crack to dried out leather.

We can replace panels, or just re colour the surface thats become damaged and cracked, either way we can help with our nationwide network of workshops

Can you repair holes in carpets?

Yes we can repair burn holes in most carpets

Even if your carpet has a weare hole we can fix this as long as we can get a sample of the carpet large enough to blend in a new section to carry out this type of repair.

Do you protect items?

We can protect many types of items, from leather to wood and even carpets we can protect it all.

With anything that is protected its all about the cleaning, if the items isn't cleaned first then the protection wont last, so we can help you here as well with the cleaning.

Can you fix hard wood flooring?

Yes we can carry out repairs to all types of hardwood flooring

From a scratch to ding or dent, a stain to colour fading we can repair it all, we have expertly trained technicians all around he UK to carry out these types of repairs.

What areas do you cover?

We are nationwide, most areas are covered, if a technician isn't close to you, then a small fuel charge will be added, but rest assured most areas are covered and more workshops are being added all the time

Can you re colour my metal chairs?

Yes we can re colour them for you

It dosent matter what type of metal they are we can bring them back to life again, we can clean them down and re-colour them and apply a protective layer as well

Can you re spray my kitchen?

Yes we can re spray your kitchen any colour you wish

Its best to do this in one of our workshops, small areas can be done in the home, but all doors and other items must be done in a controlled environment.

Can you change the stain colour on my pine bed?

Yes, we can re stain your pine bed any colour you wish, or we can paint it in a colour to match your decor

When we provide a colour and staining service to items like this its best done in one of nationwide workshops.

Can you repair my melamine top?

Yes we can fix a scratch, chip or dent in your melamine top

We can re colour it or or change the colour as well, to any colour you wish, as we can scan samples and make that exact colour

Can you repair a scratch in my PC desk?

Yes we can repair a scratch i your PC desk

All we will need is a photo emailing over and your post code and we can provide a free quote and then arrange a time to come in and repair your scratched PC desk>

Do you provide free quotes?

Yes all quotes are FREE

Getting a quote is very simple, all you need to do is to drop us an email sending in pictures of the problems, including your post code and phone number and we can provide you a free quote by return

My son used a crayon to draw on my desk, can you remove it?

Yes this can be removed

This can be done by yourself easily , by visiting our DIY repair store and purchasing a wood reviver / cleaner or a paste wax from our online DIY repair store, saving you technicians costs

My son used a pen to draw on my table, can you remove it?

Yes we can repair this for you and re move it

We provide free quotes, drop us an email including pictures of the problem including your post code and phone number and we can provide you with a free quote

Can you remove a coffee ring stain from my table?

We can remove this for you.

In most cases we can remove this without the need of re staining or colour, but in some cases we need to re colour / stain.

Ive damaged my kitchen worktop can you fix it?

Yes this can be fixed

Depending on the type of damage would depend on the type of repair and results achieved, we can repair scratches, dings and chips

Can you repair a tear in my leather chair?

We can fix the tear or replace the panel

We can arrange for a technician to repair your tear, with all tears they are repaired to look like a vein or heavy scar line, if you want an invisible repair then this can be carried out by fully replacing the leather in that section.

Can you protect my brick walls?

Yes we provide a brick protection service

We don't just protect bricks, we can protect monuments and other stone type items from water ingress and lichen damage, with all protection system your item will need to be cleaned first, before a protective coating can be applied

Do you sell franchises?

We provide franchises for all services, you can invest in your future today with a franchise from Restorers ltd

You would can download online prospectuses about the franchises we have on offer, we have single trade franchises or multi trade franchises, you can do just leather repairs and wood, or just stone renovations, you pick a package to fit your investment budget and needs

My bookcase has been sun damaged, can you help?

Yes this can be repaired

Where an item has been sun bleached we can fix this and restore it back to its former glory again, sometimes this can be done with special cleaning and rejuvenation products or may require a re dye process.

The springs broke in my chair, can you replace it ?

Yes this can be repaired.

In a lot of cases its not always springs and is in most cases webbing that has just stretched over the years and finally given way, either way we can either replace your springs or replace the webbing on your seats.

The foams gone in my sofa can you help me?

Yes we can help you with your sofas foams

To give you a price for this, we will need to know roughly the measurements of the seat cushion so we can price up new chair foams, its best to email to us a picture and your details including your post code and a contact number we can then provide yo with a free estimate

My puppy has chewed the chair leg, can this be repaired?

Yes this can be repaired

Restorers ltd have a network of highly skilled technicians around the UK who can repair this for you, or we have workshops where this can be carried out.

My new bedside cabinet is a different colour to my wardrobes, can you help?

Restorers can help you with this.

Restorers ltd have trained experts all around the UK, we can make your bedside cabinet match the colour exactly to your wardrobes, this can be carried out in our workshops saving you time and money

Can you clean my leather sofa?

Yes we provide a mobile cleaning service

Restorers ltd can provide a fully mobile leather cleaning & protection service or you can buy products direct from our online leather specialist store

Do you repair marble?

Marble renovation is possible, Restorers ltd can repair your marble for you.

Marble restoration is possible, Restorers have technicians around the UK to carry out all types of marble repairs from cracks, to scratches and chips we can fix them all.

Can i get a receipt for my item while your repairing it?

Yes you can.

When we collect an item to be worked on in our workshops, you will be asked to sign to say we have taken this away for repair / restoration, this acts as your receipt to confirm we have your item in our possession.

Weve been flooded, can you help my wood furniture?

Restorers can help with this

Restorers ltd can have all wood items dried out correctly and then repaired or restored where required

The removal company damaged my dining table, can you repair this?

Dining tables can be repaired and restored.

A damaged dining table can be repaired, its doesn't matter how its damaged we can restore this, we can either work directly with you or work directly with the removal company regarding the dining table repairs

What payment methods do you accept?

We take most payment types

We take credit and debit cards, BACS, cash and cheque payments are acceptable for any item that has been repaired or restored, Always check before booking what payment method you wish to use as not all technicians have mobile credit card readers.

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