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Leather Care
& Restoration

Nationwide Leather Restorers

With over 30 years within the leather industry, we're pretty confident no job is beyond our expertise.

covering nationwide repairs on all types of leather damage on an endless range of different leather items.

Leather Cleaning & Protection
Stain Removal on Leather
Scratches & Scuffs on Leather
Leather Recolouring

A Service you can trust.

Highly trusted by big name brands, a multi-award winning company, along with the UK's ONLY IMI Approved certification in leather, we guarantee you'll be overjoyed.

Leather Repair & Restoration

Mobile repairs

Covering nationwide leather repairs is easy for us, with multiple offices around the UK, reaching you is no problem.

Leather Cleaning & Protection

It is important that you regularly clean your leather items to prolong it's life. We don't use any harsh chemicals. Water-based, 100% natural cleaning products that are highly effective.

Rips & Holes in Leather

Tears in leather can be easily repaired with a bit of industry knowledge and expertise. The same repair process can be used on rips in jackets, chairs, sofas or car interiors.

Leather Colouring

We have a range of colouring options and methods available. Even for the more delicate leathers like Aniline. If you're looking for a colour restoration or a full colour change, get in touch with us today to see how we can help you.

What can we repair?

We can repair, restore, and clean various types of leather including: coated, aniline, pigmented, waxy pull-up, 2 tone and antique leather.
Your leather items will be made up of one of the above. All of which may require a slightly different restoration process.
Here are some of the leather items we can work on:

  • Leather sofas
  • Designer leather handbags
  • Leather interiors
  • Leather jackets
  • Motor-cycle suits
  • Leather shoes
  • Classic, vintage leather items
  • Historical leather artefacts
  • Certain damage in vinyl
  • Commercial contracts

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